It’s been a while…

So, as with many good intentions, I sort of neglected this blog, for seven months.  Yeah, not ideal I admit.  So, a brief summary of what’s happened since would work well methinks:

I’ve managed to get a summer job working in Chile (as an Exploration Geologist), which I’m looking forward to enormously.  Camping in the Atacama Desert certainly beats the boring 9-5 routine in an anonymous office block.  After that, I’m off to Easter Island for a holiday by myself, which ought to be rather interesting.

My Part III project is my first choice, which I’m delighted by, and it hopefully will be interesting (certainly sounds exciting) – The formation of garnet, and its role in the long-term stability of sub-cratonic lithospheric mantle.  Doesn’t quite slip off the tongue, but it gets the point across.  Turns out one day people were looking at some opx grains (from aforementioned setting), and were like, “Oh hey there random garnet, you look cool”, and left it at that.

The Tripos is coming up (in 10 days it all kicks off), so that’s pretty fun (yeah, “fun”).

Apart from that, there’s not too much to report I guess.  Expect lots more ramblings (I know that’s what I said last time…), but this time, it’s proper procrastination (hooray)!

Anyway, it’s back to the UL for me in a couple of minutes (after I’ve had a cup of tea of course).


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