At the End of the Day You’re Another Day Older

What a busy day it’s been! Well… not really, I’ve just been sat in the library all day writing essays about earthquakes and things of a similar nature, so all in all, not that busy per se

Fortunately, there are other, and more exciting things that have happened (as otherwise this would have been a terribly short and rather boring blog post – although it could still be both, I’ll let you dear readers be the judge of that)!  Upon checking my post, some kind soul had left some smooth praline chocolate for me anonymously. Handwriting analysis alas yields nothing, as it looks like my name was written on Paint – the clue’s in the pixels, and then printed out and stuck on.  Mysterious Benefactor, should you be reading this, your kindness is most gratefully received!  I also got an invitation to the annual Robinson NatSci end of lectures drinks party, which is taking place on Wednesday evening, so that should be good fun.

That’s about it from me today, but for those of you who were wondering, we came 19th (out of 26th) in Eurovision, which is a surprisingly good position in my opinion!


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