Groundhog Day

It’s official, my life has turned into Groundhog Day, except unlike in the film, where there’s a lot of choice of stuff to do, I’m stuck doing the same thing (yes, the library – quelle surprise!).  I think I’ve developed a sort of Stockholm Syndrome-esque relationship with the UL, as I’ve ordered a book about it this afternoon from Waterstones (in essence, a book about books – bookception?)… yeah…

However, it’s not all doom and gloom!  It’s another day closer to the end of Part II (which in a way is a shame), and also one step closer to May Week!

I’m currently sorting out what I’ll be getting up to, which is definitely a fun way to spend the breaks from revision, and today I’ve luckily finished sorting out tickets for Downing May Ball (which I’ll be going to with RS).  Rumour has it that Tim Minchin is performing there, which would be awesome if it’s true.  I still need to fix a ticket to Corpus, but hopefully the marketplace will have one going.

Anyway, all that’s left for me today now is a nice cup of tea, and an episode of Alan Partridge (the kettle’s boiling as I write).  It makes all the revision seem not so bad after all!

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