It’s the Final Countdown

It starts the day after tomorrow.  At least the first paper is synoptic, so it’s not really possible to revise for, so it could be worse.  Anyway, moving onto more fun things!

I spent most of Friday in the department, as it was the final revision seminar of this term, and I had a supervision (which went well, but I’m apprehensive about how the geochemistry questions will be in the C2 practical)!  However, the most important thing about yesterday was the awesome picnic that HS organised in the common room at lunchtime, which was thoroughly enjoyable.  Also, the list of Sedgwick Club stash came out, so I’ll have to choose what to get (getting the annual photo is a given of course).  It’s quite cool seeing all the old photos up in the department, (with the 1946 and 1947 ones depicting a youthful David Attenborough).

This morning I decided to have a lie in, as I’ve been feeling a bit knackered lately.  It was amazing.  When I did get up and went to brunch, I found that there had been another mysterious benefaction, this time in the form of a cupcake on my doorstep, so my sincere thanks to those of you who made it, your kindness is very greatly appreciated!  Once brunch was over, I went to the library, which was full. Well, not quite full, the lower ground and ground floors were full, and the first floor had four desks free.  The reason for this is that the first floor, in the summer, is an oven.  After enduring 30 minutes in the heat, I surrendered, and went back to my nice cool shady room, and read my notes for a bit, before meeting LB in the café for more revision (and also a nice break).

After extensive research I’ve come to the conclusion that there are five stages of Tripos preparation:

1. Procrastination (you’ve still got ages, don’t worry about it).

2. Mild concern (hmmm, only a few weeks left, better do some work).

3. Generic fear (getting a bit bad now, actually need to learn stuff).

4. Panic (I know nothing, the exams are soon, and everyone else knows so much more).

5. Resignation (I’m going to fail, there’s not point fighting it any more, I’m just going to accept the fate that awaits me).

At the moment, I’m saying farewell to 4, heading towards number 5!

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