Once More Unto the Breach Dear Friends

Three essay papers done, only one left.  Thank goodness for that, I’m getting rather bored of writing essays now!  Two of the essays in this exams went alright, but the third went rather pear shaped to say the least (where “pear shaped” = made up something random and hoped for the best)…  Fortunately, I wasn’t the only person who messed this question up, and a considerable proportion of the year disliked this paper, so it could be worse!  Dinner is soon, then off to the library for the penultimate essay cramming session!

Today’s exam represents 17% of this year’s grade, and 12% of the total time spent in examinations. 42% of the marks and 65% of the time spent in exams remain.  I’ve never been especially fond of essays, and soon they’ll be over (at least until next year that is).  One more UL evening beckons, before it is only practical papers that are the problem.

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