Here Comes the Sun

The final full day of studying is upon me, and what better way to use the time wisely than to have a lie in?  Ok, so this morning’s work plan didn’t quite work out, but after a decent lunch (including some rather nice trifle) I’m now getting on with some past practical questions (or rather, trying to and failing miserably)!

Tomorrow’s going to be a bit tough, as I have 7.5 hours of exams (starting at 08:30, and not finishing until 17:45), but once tomorrow’s done, it’s only three three and a bit hour papers left until it’s finished (aside from the viva that is!), so that’s not too bad.

Most of my friends have finished their exams, so with that, and the sudden change from the cold wind and rain arrangement, to it actually being nice weather, it’s proving difficult to concentrate on the revision this afternoon!


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