Room 101

Today was always going to be unpleasant, that was never in any doubt.  7.5 hours of sitting in an exam hall Room 101 feeling horribly confused was never going to be fun, but the bonus of doing geology practicals is that you get given sweets on your desk to eat during the paper, so it all evens out really.

However, today is finished, so that’s good, and I’m not dead, which is also good.  The C1 paper was alright, although we started late as we had to wait for an examiner who was late (and shall remain nameless). JJ’s question was entertaining as always, JR gave us a beauty, but NW’s was a nightmare (but everyone thought so – every person I spoke to about it got different answers from anyone else – so it could have been worse).  C2 was quite… challenging, and didn’t really go brilliantly. We also got TH rushing in halfway through to give us a page that was missing from the question sheet which was exciting.  He invigilated for us at the end, and came round with extra sweets which was really kind of him, it definitely cheered me up!  His question was pretty tricky, but he’s such a nice guy, so I don’t really mind.

Anyway, I’m back in the UL now, writing this before getting on with some O7 revision for the paper tomorrow afternoon.  Such fun!  I’d definitely not rather be eating pizza outside in the sun in the college gardens with everyone who’s already finished…

Today’s exams represent 10% of this year’s grade, and 24% of the total time spent in examinations. 15% of the marks and 29% of the time spent in exams remain.


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