The Butler Did It

Well this makes a wonderful change.  Waking up, and worrying about going to the library or getting to the exam hall on time before realising that that is no longer a concern that exists is a brilliant feeling.

So, what have I done today?  Well, the first thing was that I woke up and watched the first few episodes of Friends.  I’ve not seen it before, but I’ve been thinking about watching it, and so today was the ideal time to start.  After that I went to the pub for a lunch with the other Part II Phys NatScis with our DoS which was good fun.  I’ve just been to Sainsbury’s for some supplies, and then I’ll head off in a few minutes to play some croquet in the lovely weather we’ve got here today.

After that, I’m off to Selwyn to have a Murder Mystery evening with the geologists, so I’ve got to dress up in a costume appropriate to the character I’ve been assigned.  Overall, a pretty fun and relaxed day!


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