All’s Well That Ends Well!

What an exciting day! After a decent sleep (arising from a busy night involving going out to a bar after formal), I headed over to the Senate House for results at 12. They weren’t there then so SP, JA, and TI and I had lunch and went to Clare to sit by the river and enjoy the weather.  2pm came and went and still no results,  so a trip to a café followed. 

We found out that the results would be out at 3 ish on CamSIS or 4:30 at the Senate House.  Having made a pact not to look online and to wait for the list there, we had time to kill. NC came along and we shopped for stuff for CL’s 21st tonight.  Finally it was 4:30 and there was a lot of tension while watching the lists go up, but my result was fine so no complaints!

Returning to college I played cards with AC, MK, and JT before getting dinner and spending time with them in the bar before heading to CL’s party with TI. A busy but fun day all round!

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