London’s Calling

For the first time in far far too long I headed to London. Arriving at 11 ish, I nabbed a cup of tea and went to get vaccinated against typhoid fever before going on a casual explore. 

First stop was Chinatown to pick up an exercise book with squares in so that I may practice writing hanzi. After that I had a rather scrummy croque madame and an Orangina at Café Rouge. A corner shop was next to buy Private Eye and New Scientist which I then read in St James Park.

A brief tube ride to South Kensington ensued where I spent a lovely couple of hours reading and drinking more tea before the highlight of the day, namely meeting my best friend TKC. We then headed to the embankment for a chat before grabbing a delicious dinner at Boyds Brasserie. It was so nice just to talk and pass the time together, and I had a wonderful time. She’s returning to Hong Kong in a fortnight for the foreseeable future, so I’m grateful for any chance to see her before she goes (as it’ll be very sad when she departs the UK).

Dinner having come to an end it was time to head home. I said goodbye to TKC and got the train to home home. I’m spending the night here as I have an induction morning tomorrow at the office, and it’s easier to get to central London from here than Cambridge.


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