A Night to Remember

After arriving at TKC’s South Kensington flat, we nabbed a quick meal at a local Italian place, and then headed back to get ready for the Imperial Summer Ball.  We headed over to her friends’ flat, and chatted for a while, after which we went to the ball.  It was really good, with lots of fairground rides to enjoy, as well as a decent cash bar, and fireworks.  The main stage was very well done, and we danced, drank and chatted until the small hours.  Unfortunately, a couple of them had a little too much to drink, but after some lovely negotiation with a cab driver (with lots of help from the very helpful St. John’s guys), we made it back to TKC’s friend’s flat, so we missed the after party, but that was definitely for the best.  One of the guys and I kept an eye on those who were a bit worse for wear (thereby giving me a second day with only one hour of sleep – well why not?), before I took TKC home, and went back to Surrey.

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