You’ve Got to Love Modern Technology

After popping to the bank to get a cheque book, and buying a ton of sun cream with SPF “50+” (grrr, thanks rubbishy Northern European genes), I went over to SJ’s house.  I’d not seen him for a while, and we had fun catching up, and watching rubbish TV (as well as Wimbledon, which has started).  JC turned up a few hours later, and, after some more TV, we played ping pong outside, before having a rather filling takeaway pizza.

Once I returned home, I spent a while trying to sort out a new SIM card I’ve got (courtesy of my father’s friend, who’s set up a telecoms company), for when I go to Chile.  Essentially, it’s a global SIM card, which allows you to phone international numbers, but only charges you local rates (or something wizzy like that) – essentially meaning that I will be able to phone home from Chile, but it will only cost me the same as phoning a local Chilean phone number, I think.  I just need to work out how to put credit onto the SIM, and then I’m all ready to go.

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