Final Preparations

The angry scream of the alarm clock jolts through my being like a bolt of lightning. Eurgh, alarms.  This morning was spent in Croydon (that most delightful of places), where I bought some clothes, UV proof sunglasses, and a new suitcase.  Good old Debenhams had a massive sale on, so lots of stuff was less than half price (pretty handy)!

After returning home, having lunch (and completing my health and safety risk assessment), it was back to the stables, for my appointment with Hobbit.  I think I’m slowly beginning to get the basics sorted, and this time, we went into the field, as well as the school area.  However, I did nearly fall off during an uphill trot, but somehow managed to balance myself without being removed from the saddle (although I did lose my stirrups).


Anyway, I’m back home now, and am off to the pub later for a gathering of school friends before I leave Britain.  Should be fun!

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