Food For Thought

Ok readers, this is the last post of the day, I promise.  Yes I know I’ve written three, but hey, I’m on the other side of the bloomin’ planet, visiting a new country and continent, so I reckon it’s legit!

Anyway, while still unsure of what to do on the supper front, I was having a chat to my sister back in blighty, who suggested I got some fajitas.  Genius idea, especially as that reminded me that I’d seen a fajita restaurant at some point today.  I was dreading getting lost again, as I’d gone all over the place earlier, but luckily, it turned out that said restaurant was about three doors down from the hotel (is that handy or what?).  I walked down and perused the menu outside, reaching into my pocket to discover that I’d forgotten my dictionary! Alas alack and woe is me (to plagiarise a phrase)!  I popped back up to the room to recover the dictionary (getting an amused look from the chap on reception on the way).

Armed with the dictionary, I ventured into Fajita Express only to find that the word I wasn’t sure about wasn’t actually listed.  Nice.  Oh well, C’est la vie! ¡Es la vida! I decided to back myself, and order anyway (well why not?).


On the drink front, I elected for the more conservative agua sin gas, and was asked if I would like any ice.  I replied in the affirmative, but only a little.  The waiter promptly came back with the bottle of water, and a small bowl, containing ice cubes (as well as a large pair of tongs) in order that I would be able to decide exactly how much ice I wanted in my drink.  I’ll be honest, I think that’s a brilliant idea. Admittedly, it doesn’t really apply to water, but I mean, who hasn’t had a drink full of ice, which, when the ice then melted, tasted super diluted?  By putting the ice in yourself, clearly, you can decide how much you add, and then tailor the drink to your own taste.  British establishments, please take note!

After all this excitement, it was time for the crowning glory of the evening.  The fajitas had arrived.  It was a marvellous sight to behold. Three tortillas, with three sauces (guacamole, sour cream, and some spicy sauce) to put on, and six toppings.  This was a very good move, and I thoroughly enjoyed eating it.

My scrummy supper.  Topping dish (in white), clockwise from top left: Refried beans, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, and rice.

My scrummy supper. Topping dish (in white), clockwise from top left: Refried beans, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, and rice. Note tongs and ice bowl on right hand side.  (Click to enlarge)

Sadly, the inevitable happened, and soon the experience was over, and it was time to pay the bill (CLP 6300 – about £8).  The dictionary came into play here, to see if service was or was not included. Luckily, although I’m leaving Santiago tomorrow morning, I shall be back at this hotel for a few days in a fortnight (when I have scheduled leave from the mine), and so I’m sure I’ll be back.  This place also does takeaways by the way!


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