Let’s Get to Work

Apologies for being away for a few days, it’s been difficult to get internet here.  So, what have I been up to?  On Monday morning, I was collected by my supervisor from the hotel, and we went to the main office in Santiago to sort out my work visa, and to meet people in the exploration division there.  After that, we headed to the mine.  It’s pretty big, and impressive, and is on the side of some big mountains (although they are small by Chilean standards).  I spent the afternoon meeting people, and having a safety meeting, before grabbing some dinner, and going to the house at the mine where I shall be living for the next few days.  All accommodation and food is provided, which is really handy! 

Yesterday was mainly spent going through papers talking about the geology of the mine, and the surrounding areas, and I had some meetings on the geology, and on safety.  My colleagues are all very nice, and the office is great too.  It’s a small building set aside from the main building, just for the exploration group here.

This morning, I met a few more people, I did some more reading, and am now waiting for someone to come up from Santiago who will show me how to go through some drill cores, so that ought to be fun.


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