¡Hasta Lunes!

It’s Thursday afternoon, and in the exploration department, that means it’s time to go home for the weekend.  Essentially, in the type of exploration based at the mine, the hours are from 8:00-20:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays (and you sleep at the mine), while on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you work 8:00-17:30, and get the bus back home.  As the intern, because my time is limited here, I’m staying at the mine this weekend.  Tomorrow and Sunday will involve me looking at a core and familiarising myself with all the lithologies, while on Saturday, I shall be going on a trip to an exploration site to the north of the mine (although the absence of a tunnel means there’s a two hour journey each way, even though you can see it out of the office window).  I’m not alone though, as the two field assistants don’t get the weekend off (their shift is 9 days on between 8:00-17:00) and 5 days off, but all the geologists have gone home.

Today, I started by visiting the site at which a recent drill core was taken (the core that I’ll be looking at tomorrow), and saw some lovely scenery on the way (as well as an avocado farm which was cool).

An avocado tree

An avocado tree

After that, I popped down to watch some of the core analysis taking place, then, after lunch, I did some reading.  When I’m back in Santiago this time next week, I shall put up some scenic photos for you dear readers!

Woo scenery!

Woo scenery!


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