Solamente Hablo En Español

Righty ho readers and reader-esses, I’m firmly out of the anglosphere now.  I’ll admit, it’s pretty daunting, however slowly but surely, my Spanish is forced to emerge from the deep recesses of my mind (although at a pace that would make a snail look like Usain Bolt).  It’s quite enjoyable in a way, in spite of my typical eloquence being hindered somewhat, and I am adapting.   Being an expat is very exciting, but rather daunting at first (especially when you don’t know anyone and are pretty poor at the local lingo), however I am loving it!  Of course, there are a few things that I miss from Britain, but overall, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing at the moment.  It is very interesting to experience this, as I’ve only seen it from the other side (as a local seeing foreign expats in Britain).  In due course (i.e. when I get back to Santiago), I’ll write an entry about generic expat-y stuff (including stuff I wish I’d brought but didn’t), as well as differences I’ve noticed between Castellano spoken in Spain, and the local Chilean variant of Spanish but at the moment, I’m a wee bit busy (because ¡¡¡¡GEOLOGÍA!!!!).

Anyway, what has today involved?  First of all, I went to breakfast with the field assistants, who are lovely people, and are extremely kind, before going to the office to check emails and to swat up on copper minerals (as I know nothing about them so far, save for their names).  Then we went to the drill core analysis place, and spent a couple of hours looking at a newly done core, and the assistants showed me example of what several copper bearing minerals looked like (such as chalcopyrite and bornite).  After that, it was time for lunch.  What special Chilean food did I have today I hear you ask?  The answer (obviously) is vegetable soup, bangers and mash, and jelly.  (I am in Chile, not the local pub, I promise).  I’ve been drinking a lot of tea while I’m here (at every meal), although it’s not quite the same as tea in the UK.  It looks like tea, but doesn’t really taste like it (sorry Té Club, it’s nothing personal)!.  Even so, the fact that it wasn’t available at lunch was painful.


Mine food!

Lunch having been eaten, I was very kindly bought some snacks from the kiosk at the canteen by the field assistants, before heading back to the office to check my emails etc.  Shortly (i.e. after I’ve written this) we shall be heading back to the core place in order to spend some more time looking at the rocks.

¡Hasta luego mis amigos!


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