Another Day Dawns

As I was walking to work this morning, in the cool wintery mist, whistling the Blackadder theme tune, I suddenly remembered that one of my colleagues told me that cougars live in this part of Chile (not in the older woman sense, although I assume there are some in Chile, but in the “RAWWWRRR! I’m like a lion!” sense).  They like living in forested and rocky areas apparently, which is exciting, as I walk through a forest every morning.  Needless to say, I’ve not actually seen one yet, which is disappointing, although that does mean I haven’t been eaten, which is good.  You never know though, I might find some exciting animal life on my way to work one day, what with these cougars living around here, along with tarantulas (and who knows what else), although I’ll let you know if I find anything.  So far, it’s been Andean Condors and lizards, so I’m sure there’ll be something else to add to the list at some point.

Anyway, that (not especially interesting in hindsight) digression aside, what does today hold?  Well, I visited the exploration site earlier, and also helped to wash the pick-up trucks that we use to move around the mine (and exploration places). 

Also, I’ve come up with an exciting travel plan for a future free weekend (probably at the end of August), although I’ll need to square it with the boss on Monday, as it’ll be a couple of days away, i.e. not in Santiago.  So for now, it’ll have to be kept under wraps (as it probably won’t happen), but I hope it’s ok, as free time is by definition, your own (and the plan is extremely simple).

Finally, I’ve just been told that tomorrow (Sunday), I don’t have to arrive at the office until 9 am, which is great, as I get to have a bit more of a lie in :D!

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