Fieldwork Galore

Today was my first proper day of fieldwork in the Atacama Desert, and I’ll be honest, I’m knackered.  It’s not the easiest environment to work in, but it’s definitely one of the most scenic!


Exploration geology involves a LOT of walking about, as quite a few of the outcrops that need to be looked at are rather inaccessible (i.e. you have to scramble up cliffs etc.).  It is very tiring, especially with the altitude, but it is good fun (and superb cardio training!).  Today was mainly spent taking soil samples, a high tech process involving the latest technology money can buy (a trowel, sieve and a bowl).  After a tough 8 hours in the desert sun, it was time to call it a day, and we headed back to camp (for some snacks).

The drive home was wonderful, as the sun was setting, and to be honest, there’s nothing quite like a desert sunset.

Atacaman Sunset

Atacaman Sunset

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