The Sound Of Silence

What’s that I can hear outside?  That’s right, nothing!  The storm ended late yesterday afternoon, and today I am greeted by glorious blue skies, and rapidly melting snow.  Owing to the fact that I didn’t have to barricade myself in my room, I also slept infinitely better last night too.  It was however, extremely cold last night, and it’s still quite cold today.

It’s not all coming up roses however, and the cold has taken its toll on some camp services.  My hands, as I write this, are rather numb, and I woke this morning to find the that the water (which I keep by my bed to drink from) was frozen!  Additionally, it appears as if the running water has stopped.  Usually it’s around during the day, but gets switched off at night to stop the pipes freezing, yet today, it’s not been working during the day either.  As I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth this morning, I came across a colleague trying to thaw the pipes with a blow torch.

The weather of the past few days has been unusual, and the town of San Pedro de Atacama, a famous tourist spot a few hours away has had the first snow in 30 years.  Seems odd doesn’t it, that once I leave the UK, a week later, there’s the hottest summer for seven years, and once I arrive in the desert, a week later, there’s the first snow in that town for 30 years.  Just saying!

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