One Last Trip

It’s Friday, and so it’s the penultimate day I have in the desert (I’m not counting Sunday, as most of that will be packing and travelling to the airport in Calama).  I was filling in a map, when my boss and the assistant said they were going out into the field, and asked whether I’d like to join them.  Obviously I agreed at once, and I’m very glad that I did, as it involved new and even more spectacular scenery.

The main objective was to see where “roads” could be built, in order to access new exploration areas, but there were lots of cool things to see on the way.  First of all, we arrived at a point with an incredible view.


I thought I’d seen how desolate the desert looked, but after this view, I had to change my mind!

Anyway, after that, we headed down into a valley (which is to the right of the photo – out of shot though), and I was shown an abandoned village.

The abadoned village of Chitigua

The abadoned village of Chitigua

Apparently it was composed of two families, and all that can be seen today are a few buildings.  The village was abandoned in the 60s.  To be honest, I don’t know why anyone would live there, as it’s probably the least friendly place you could possibly decide to build a house.

Further along, we came across what was originally a farm (presumably this is where the inhabitants of Chitigua grew their food.

Abandoned terraced fields in Chitigua

Abandoned terraced fields in Chitigua

Overall, the scenery today was brilliant.  There’s not a lot else to say really!


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