Fun and Games

Apologies dearest readers!  I am fully aware of how crazily long it’s been since my last post, but I have unfortunately been exceedingly busy doing my research project, generic geological things, job hunting, visiting family, and attending various enjoyable birthday parties. However, I shall endeavour to avoid such a significant gap in the future.

Anyway, tonight is one of socialising, and as usual, the venue is the ever delightful Flat 6, where several fourth year engineers live. However, there’s a twist.  We’ll be playing a very simple, thoroughly entertaining, and hideously cringeworthy game.  Seeing as we’ve all lived in close proximity for four years now, this oughtn’t to be an issue. It’s a game of “Guess who’s UCAS Personal Statement this is”, and essentially involves everyone sending their PS to one of the hosts, who shall be reading them out entirely, while we all write down on pieces of paper to whom we think each particular one belongs.  It promises both hilarity and awkwardness, which should be great.

For those of you who don’t know what UCAS is (which I assume is the case for the majority of the foreign readers), you can read about it here.