Jesus May Ball 2014

I’d never been to Jesus May Ball before, but several friends were going this year, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon too.  I was slightly nervous as HL was in charge of getting my ticket, and he’d not collected them, so the fact that I was in the queue without an actual ticket was slightly disconcerting – but of course he picked it up for me without any trouble.

Jesus has the advantage of being larger than Robinson, so the queue outside the college was for wristbands and security.  After getting through this, there was another queue inside where everyone waited for the doors to open.  There was however food and drink provided in this second queue, so it didn’t seem to take too long.  At 20:00, the doors opened, and we all streamed in.

The theme this year was “Lost in the Woods”, and it was extremely well done.  The variety of food and drink on offer was astonishing, and it was difficult to know where to begin.  However, at May Balls, particularly at the beginning, there’s often a queue at each of the food and drink stalls, so the trick is to find one without a queue.  I spent the ball with HL and his two younger brothers, and we first got a coconut drink thing and a hog roast tortilla, which was rather nice. We spent the majority of the first few hours eating and drinking our way around all the different areas, and we were extremely full towards the end.  Deciding to take a quick break, we elected to go on the ferris wheel and dodgems which was a lot of fun.  After that, HL found a giant chess set, and played a game.

Once the game was over, SL (HL’s immediate younger brother) and I went to tackle Churchill Casino (who were here as well).  This time, we did much better at blackjack, and ended up actually winning the £10,000 on several games of roulette, which was great (so we entered the prize draw).

It’d been so busy up to this point, so at 01:00, we all went to watch some of the comedy.  One of the Footlights was hosting, and two professional comedians (who’d been on television) did their sets and were very entertaining.  Once they’d finished, at around 03:00 or so, we headed over to get some more food (in the form of a kangaroo burger) to the silent disco for an hour or so, before heading out to listen to some more live music in the form of a ceilidh band.

Once that’d finished, at 05:30 or so, it was time for the Survivors’ Photo, and then we all headed back to get some sleep.

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