Robinson May Ball 2014

As promised, here’s the first of two write ups for the two May Balls I went to this year.

Robinson was pretty good as usual, and was essentially very similar to last year.  The theme was Japan, and there was a lot of good stuff going on.  Lots of my friends didn’t want to go this year (owing to it “always being the same”, which strikes me as a shame really, given that it was their last opportunity to go as undergraduates).  AC came down from London, along with GD.  Having queued from fairly early on, it did not take long to get inside.  Once in, we headed straight for some cava, and then out to the college gardens to grab something to eat and listen to the music.

At 22:45, the traditional fireworks display kicked off on the other side of the lake, and we were very close to the front (allowing an unrestricted view of the display).  Unfortunately, it also decided to rain at this point, but that’s hardly unexpected (this is Britain after all)!

Once the fireworks were over, we headed off to see some of the comedy.  The first duo were alright, but weren’t brilliant.  Indeed, the hecklers were often funnier than the comics.  After this warm up act, the Footlights did their show, which of course was excellent.

Stocking up on a few more drinks, we promptly headed to the casino (run by Churchill College students).  You get given “£500” worth of chips, and have to try to win £10,000 worth, which if you succeed, enters you into a prize draw.  Unfortunately, I’m not very good at blackjack, and the house won (as always).

The remainder of the night was spent having several drinks and chatting with friends, before we all headed back out into the gardens at around 04:00 to eat breakfast and listen to the final act on the main stage – an Abba tribute band.  After that, it was just the matter of the Survivors’ Photo before heading to bed.

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