It’s Been a Bit Slow

Another month has passed, and we’re nearly out of the winter.  I for one can’t wait, especially for when the clocks go forward in a few weeks.

Anyway, this post is about one of my latest acquisitions – viz. a slow cooker.  Lots of my friends and colleagues have them, and by all accounts they’re excellent.  Just throw in your ingredients for whatever you want to make that day, switch it on, go to work, and by the time you get home, your supper’s all cooked and ready to eat.

Rather smart if I do say so myself!

Rather smart if I do say so myself!

My first attempt was a leek and potato soup, something which I’m rather partial to.  I also opted to add other things I liked to the mix (i.e. garlic and mushrooms).  Unfortunately this wasn’t such a great idea, and the result was a soup that looked like someone had instead just ladled some water from the Thames into my bowl – the sort of thing that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Victorian workhouse.

Anyway, waste not want not, and I ate it all, although it wasn’t particularly good.  Deciding to try my hand at actually following the recipe this time I opted for a simple creamy chicken and mushroom pasta thing I found online.  (At this point I should confess that as I was writing this, I realised I in fact hadn’t actually followed the recipe, and had to go downstairs to add the missing ingredients). Ignoring that little bout of amnesia, it’s now all cooking nicely, and should be done in about 7 hours.  Hopefully this time it’ll taste better!