Looking Ahead

Well, it’s been a long time since my previous post.  I’ve mainly spent that watching cat videos online revising, but as my first exam was today, the calm before the storm has finally ended (thank goodness).

So, what’s the timetable looking like?  Well, not too shabby really, and everything ties in rather well.  A week from today I’ll have finished my exams (and therefore my degree), while two weeks today is results day.  A month from now is graduation day, and two months from now I start my job.  Between graduation and work I’ve got a couple of holidays planned, one domestic and one foreign (which of course I’ll document here).  Not a bad road map eh?  All I need to do now is survive the next four exams (tomorrow morning, Friday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning).  I’ve also got a viva voce on the 9th, but that doesn’t really count…

A Sigh of Relief

Yesterday I had the face to face interview and written test for the company that gave me a phone interview (see my earlier post “The End of Term“), and was told that they’d let me know by the end of next week.  I’m extremely lucky, as they called me this morning to offer me a position as a geophysicist, starting at the end of July.  It’s a huge weight off my mind, as I’ve been rather worried that I’d be one of those many unemployed graduates, desperately finding some work, any work, but now it’s no longer a problem!

I’m really looking forward to starting in three and a bit months’ time, especially as it looks like such an interesting job.  Before then though, it’s only the small matter of the degree, the final bout of the Tripos, as well as all the fun that’ll be coming afterwards to deal with!

Just Another Day in Surrey

Today was my second riding lesson, and it was a good chance to recap what I’d learned on Tuesday.  Admittedly, I’m still pretty bad at it, and Hobbit called most of the shots if I’m completely honest (but he’s so lovely, so I don’t mind).  That’s one of the things about horses when compared to cars, in that they literally have a mind of their own (and like to stop on the way for a quick snack).  I must admit, they’re infinitely nicer than cars!

Other things I’ve been up to today include looking at potential companies for graduate employment (as backup plans, in case I can’t get one with the company I’m working for this summer).  I really really really don’t want to end up being stuck in Britain after graduating. Assuming I manage to find a job abroad, it’ll be a very interesting chat that I’ll have to have with my family, some of them aren’t especially keen on my desire to disappear off.  I can just imagine the reaction were I to open with “Oh, just to let you know, I’m going to be living in Hong Kong [in an ideal world]/Canada/Australia/Thailand/<insert name of country far away here, i.e. NOT in Europe> for the next x years, so yeah, hope that’s ok!”…