Robinson May Ball

What a great evening!  After getting ready, we all queued up at 8, and got in about about 9:40.  Learning from the lessons of previous years, food was the first priority, as well as getting a few drinks.  The theme was The Great Exhibition of 1851, and was done very well.  The fireworks were pretty good, and there was comedy all night, with lots of good acts (including the Footlights who were on good form as always, a couple of double acts, and Victorian Cabaret).  There was plenty of food and drink going, and it didn’t seem to run out (also an improvement on previous years).  Overall, it’s been the best Robinson May Ball I’ve been to, and I had an excellent time!

Fun Fun Fun

This morning warranted a trip to London for the induction day.  It was really interesting, and a great chance to get to know more of the others doing the internship (even though they’ll be spread across other countries and continents, as well as finding out some answers to various questions, and meeting new people.  After a boring train journey back to Cambridge, it was time to get ready for the May Ball tonight, which will be huge fun.  I’m thinking about starting a new mini series on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled!