Here We Go Again

Another day in May Week, more fun to be had.  This morning was pretty relaxing, with me meeting up with NU for tea at Fitzbillies which was lovely.  We had a great chat, and it was great to catch up.  After that, I’ve had a quiet afternoon, as tonight is Downing May Ball!


We Sail the Ocean Blue

Ok, so it wasn’t the ocean, but it was the River Cam.  Today was geological punting day, and so, having stocked up on many provisions (including lots of food, drink, and those cheerful little brollies that you put in your drink), we hired a couple of punts from Scuds.  We spent a cheerful few hours on the Cam, and got to Grantchester Meadows. Essentially it was a fun day with the geologists, as HS is leaving before the Sedgwick Club Party on Thursday to go sailing (which is fair enough, given that she’s probably going to be in the 2016 Olympics). After that, I came home, and had pizza for supper with RS.  All in all, it’s been a fun and relaxing day!

Suicide Sunday

Today is Suicide Sunday, (click link for info), which in essence is a day of celebration for not killing yourself due to the tripos.  I spent the morning asleep, and then had a great afternoon at the Trinity Hall garden party (with MK, AC, GC, JT, et al.), with free food, drinks, and wonderful live jazz.  This evening will involve drinks in my college’s gardens with these friends, with a few boardgames thrown in too!

In other news, I was told at the company induction that the three ways of commuting to work once I am living in the desert is either by 4×4, on foot, or by horse.  As a result, my mother has decided that several riding lessons would be a good idea.  I’ll keep you posted on that front!

Robinson May Ball

What a great evening!  After getting ready, we all queued up at 8, and got in about about 9:40.  Learning from the lessons of previous years, food was the first priority, as well as getting a few drinks.  The theme was The Great Exhibition of 1851, and was done very well.  The fireworks were pretty good, and there was comedy all night, with lots of good acts (including the Footlights who were on good form as always, a couple of double acts, and Victorian Cabaret).  There was plenty of food and drink going, and it didn’t seem to run out (also an improvement on previous years).  Overall, it’s been the best Robinson May Ball I’ve been to, and I had an excellent time!

Fun Fun Fun

This morning warranted a trip to London for the induction day.  It was really interesting, and a great chance to get to know more of the others doing the internship (even though they’ll be spread across other countries and continents, as well as finding out some answers to various questions, and meeting new people.  After a boring train journey back to Cambridge, it was time to get ready for the May Ball tonight, which will be huge fun.  I’m thinking about starting a new mini series on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled!


Groundhog Day

It’s official, my life has turned into Groundhog Day, except unlike in the film, where there’s a lot of choice of stuff to do, I’m stuck doing the same thing (yes, the library – quelle surprise!).  I think I’ve developed a sort of Stockholm Syndrome-esque relationship with the UL, as I’ve ordered a book about it this afternoon from Waterstones (in essence, a book about books – bookception?)… yeah…

However, it’s not all doom and gloom!  It’s another day closer to the end of Part II (which in a way is a shame), and also one step closer to May Week!

I’m currently sorting out what I’ll be getting up to, which is definitely a fun way to spend the breaks from revision, and today I’ve luckily finished sorting out tickets for Downing May Ball (which I’ll be going to with RS).  Rumour has it that Tim Minchin is performing there, which would be awesome if it’s true.  I still need to fix a ticket to Corpus, but hopefully the marketplace will have one going.

Anyway, all that’s left for me today now is a nice cup of tea, and an episode of Alan Partridge (the kettle’s boiling as I write).  It makes all the revision seem not so bad after all!