All’s Well That Ends Well!

What an exciting day! After a decent sleep (arising from a busy night involving going out to a bar after formal), I headed over to the Senate House for results at 12. They weren’t there then so SP, JA, and TI and I had lunch and went to Clare to sit by the river and enjoy the weather.  2pm came and went and still no results,  so a trip to a café followed. 

We found out that the results would be out at 3 ish on CamSIS or 4:30 at the Senate House.  Having made a pact not to look online and to wait for the list there, we had time to kill. NC came along and we shopped for stuff for CL’s 21st tonight.  Finally it was 4:30 and there was a lot of tension while watching the lists go up, but my result was fine so no complaints!

Returning to college I played cards with AC, MK, and JT before getting dinner and spending time with them in the bar before heading to CL’s party with TI. A busy but fun day all round!

My Way

The viva has happened, and now, I’ve officially finished my Part II. It’s time to face the final curtain.  No more studying for that which is great, it’s now pure fun from now on. It went ok, and was pretty relaxed which was nice (as I was expecting it to be much worse).  The results for my degree come out on Wednesday, so fingers crossed I did ok!

Beforehand I went to read up on my mapping project in the Geology library, and to swat up on some of the papers.

Anyway it’s a fun quiet evening tonight.  I’ve planned to go to London on Thursday for my vaccinations, and Friday for the induction for my job, so that should be good fun.  I do miss London, so I need to get a good dose of it before I leave for South America!

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

Seriously, these exams were unhealthy!  Last night, I had another nightmare about them, which is weird, as I’ve finished!  Essentially the dream was that I was doing the O9 practical, completely messed everything up totally, didn’t see half the questions and ran out of time in a panic.  Fun stuff!

Anyway, today was a lot of fun, I woke up and met up with some of the guys, and we went to buy picnic supplies, after which we went punting.  The weather today has not been quite as good as yesterday, but we enjoyed a great picnic on the way to Grantchester. Eventually, we got to Grantchester Meadows, where we moored for a while, before heading back home (we decided that Grantchester proper was too far to punt today).

Tonight we’re having a generic party in AW’s kitchen which ought to be a lot of fun.  Overall, a pretty fun and relaxed day!

The Strife is O’er, the Battle Done!

Finally, it’s finished!  The day that seemed so far away has come at last.  No more exams!  Well, no more exams until this time next year, for my Part III.  There is still the viva on Monday, but that’s not a major problem (I hope).  The written papers are done now, so it’s time to have fun and relax.  Until tomorrow everyone, I’m off for a drink now.


All Good Things Must Come to an End

I’ve just enjoyed the final supper prior to completing Part II of the Natural Sciences Tripos, and a wave of nostalgia has appeared from nowhere.  I’ve now returned to the UL to finish the final revision session before the final exam.  I won’t miss the revision, as it’s pretty tedious, but tonight marks the end of an era.

My splendid revision companion AJ (who’s next to me revising for his Part II Chemistry – although right now he seems to be spending most of his time looking out of the window), also finishes his exams tomorrow morning.

I remember that it was with him, back in Easter Term of Part IA that we first ventured, as nervous freshers, into this venerable institution (established at some point around the 1270s judging by the dates on the “Major Benefactors” board in the entrance hall, although nobody really knows).

We instantly fell in love with this place, and revised here for the whole of Part IA, Part IB, and now Part II.  However, AJ is graduating with his BA this year, to go off and do banking (or some nonsense related to finance at any rate), and so, once the bell tolls at 21:45 to close the Reading Room, it will be time to say “So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight” to our revision sessions together.  I don’t know how many hundreds of hours we’ve spent revising in here, but it’s been a genuine pleasure.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

Fourth Time Lucky?

So, today’s exam is now over, and I’m very pleased that there’s only O8 left.  However, what’s rather exciting is the question as to whether there’ll be a mistake in the exam tomorrow.  So far there have been mistakes in the last three that I’ve done, will the next one be kind enough as to lack an error in it? The C2 practical had a page of questions missing, the O7 practical had diagrams that printed incorrectly, and today’s O9 calculation question had an error in the equation we got given to work out magma chamber volume stuff. Anyway, dinner time soon, and then to the UL for the final evening of fun filled fact cramming!

Today’s exam represents 5% of this year’s grade, and 10% of the total time spent in examinations. 5% of the marks and 10% of the time spent in exams remain.

I Love the Smell of Books in the Morning

Well this makes a change, a morning post!  I woke up quite early, having gone to bed quite early too (always nice not to have to face the harsh scream of the alarm clock), and headed to the UL.  It’s proving reasonably popular these days, with 20 people waiting outside for it to open.

Also, I had a really strange dream last night.  Essentially, I was in my grandparents’ garden trying to sneak up on a Capercaillie to take a photo of it (or what was defined in the dream as being a Capercaillie). In the dream it had yellow feathers on its tummy, and so was definitely not an actual Capercaillie, although the rest of it was black. I did eventually get a photo, but it was when it was running away (or strictly, swimming away, as the setting had changed to a lake by this point).  Bit odd given that to my knowledge Capercaillies don’t/can’t swim, but that’s dreams for you!  If interpreting random gibberish is your thing, comment below with your thoughts!  For some classic Attenborough on Capercaillies, click here.

Update:  Today’s exam is now done, I messed up half the first question by getting the plates muddled up (instead of treating them as diverging, I thought they were converging – not very clever…). Anyway, that little error has at most cost me 1% of this year’s total grade, but with method marks still potentially up for grabs, the probability is that <1% has been lost (so fingers crossed I won’t be close to a grade boundary)!

Today’s exam represents 5% of this year’s grade, and 10% of the total time spent in examinations. 10% of the marks and 20% of the time spent in exams remain.