The Beginning of the End

It’s the penultimate day of May Week, and so things are beginning to wind down.  The Sedgwick Club “May Ball” was today, and it was great to see all the geologists one last time before we break up for the summer (or graduate in the case of a few of them), and enjoy a [traditionally rainy British summer] barbecue.  SP and the rest of his steel pan band were playing, and they were great (I particular enjoyed their rendition of Take On Me, which worked really well on the pans). I’ve also managed to get a ticket to Corpus May Ball tomorrow night, which should be enormous fun.  I’m also now going to the summer ball at Imperial on Saturday night, so it’s going to be a knackering weekend (although it’ll also be huge fun clearly).

As I’m moving out on Saturday, packing begins with earnest today. My parents are collecting most of my stuff tomorrow, so I’ll be left with only a few basic things with which to take home (via London).  After I’m home, I’m basically just sorting stuff out for Chile (travel risk forms/health assessment/horse riding lessons/etc.).  I got an email today giving more details about my Atacama placement, and I need a -10 to -15C rated sleeping bag, as it is cold at night.  There will also be strong UV radiation due to the high altitude (2.5-4.5 km).  It’s all very exciting, and is a much cooler “office” than most people get to work in!

Dinner tonight was at a local curry house, as it was JT’s birthday supper, and it was lovely to spend the evening with everyone, especially as most of them are graduating, and so will not be around next year.

We Sail the Ocean Blue

Ok, so it wasn’t the ocean, but it was the River Cam.  Today was geological punting day, and so, having stocked up on many provisions (including lots of food, drink, and those cheerful little brollies that you put in your drink), we hired a couple of punts from Scuds.  We spent a cheerful few hours on the Cam, and got to Grantchester Meadows. Essentially it was a fun day with the geologists, as HS is leaving before the Sedgwick Club Party on Thursday to go sailing (which is fair enough, given that she’s probably going to be in the 2016 Olympics). After that, I came home, and had pizza for supper with RS.  All in all, it’s been a fun and relaxing day!

Suicide Sunday

Today is Suicide Sunday, (click link for info), which in essence is a day of celebration for not killing yourself due to the tripos.  I spent the morning asleep, and then had a great afternoon at the Trinity Hall garden party (with MK, AC, GC, JT, et al.), with free food, drinks, and wonderful live jazz.  This evening will involve drinks in my college’s gardens with these friends, with a few boardgames thrown in too!

In other news, I was told at the company induction that the three ways of commuting to work once I am living in the desert is either by 4×4, on foot, or by horse.  As a result, my mother has decided that several riding lessons would be a good idea.  I’ll keep you posted on that front!

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

Seriously, these exams were unhealthy!  Last night, I had another nightmare about them, which is weird, as I’ve finished!  Essentially the dream was that I was doing the O9 practical, completely messed everything up totally, didn’t see half the questions and ran out of time in a panic.  Fun stuff!

Anyway, today was a lot of fun, I woke up and met up with some of the guys, and we went to buy picnic supplies, after which we went punting.  The weather today has not been quite as good as yesterday, but we enjoyed a great picnic on the way to Grantchester. Eventually, we got to Grantchester Meadows, where we moored for a while, before heading back home (we decided that Grantchester proper was too far to punt today).

Tonight we’re having a generic party in AW’s kitchen which ought to be a lot of fun.  Overall, a pretty fun and relaxed day!