Here Come the Cavalry

Today was my first riding lesson! Wooo!  It was a lot of fun, and helps prove that I’m quite a rural person at heart.  The horse I rode is named Hobbit, who’s 15 years old, and about 16 hands tall (around 1.65 metres).  He liked cutting the corners (presumably as it meant he was able to walk more slowly, and less far), but he was absolutely lovely!  My next lesson is on Friday, and already I can’t wait.  If I make enough money, I’d definitely want to get a horse.

I’m now watching Brainiac: Science Abuse, which I rediscovered on YouTube.  It’s such a great show, especially the first couple of series which Richard Hammond presents, and brings back a lot of memories (casual shout out at this point to 2coldfingers who introduced this show to me, and who was primarily responsible for my keenness in science in the first place, I owe you one)!

Generic chore things today have included collecting more sun cream, sending off an extra contract to Chile, as well as making arrangements for my work permit once I get to Santiago.

Finally, congrats to my sister, who got her results for this year today. She managed to survive her first skirmish with the Tripos with a First, which is marvellous!

You’ve Got to Love Modern Technology

After popping to the bank to get a cheque book, and buying a ton of sun cream with SPF “50+” (grrr, thanks rubbishy Northern European genes), I went over to SJ’s house.  I’d not seen him for a while, and we had fun catching up, and watching rubbish TV (as well as Wimbledon, which has started).  JC turned up a few hours later, and, after some more TV, we played ping pong outside, before having a rather filling takeaway pizza.

Once I returned home, I spent a while trying to sort out a new SIM card I’ve got (courtesy of my father’s friend, who’s set up a telecoms company), for when I go to Chile.  Essentially, it’s a global SIM card, which allows you to phone international numbers, but only charges you local rates (or something wizzy like that) – essentially meaning that I will be able to phone home from Chile, but it will only cost me the same as phoning a local Chilean phone number, I think.  I just need to work out how to put credit onto the SIM, and then I’m all ready to go.

This Is The Life

Another peaceful and fun day today, I could get used to this.  After a morning in bed with some easy to watch TV (i.e. Friends), I got up for lunch with my friends which was enjoyable as always.  I then popped to the UL for a couple of hours in the early afternoon to do some digging around of Easter Island material, and I was not disappointed.  I spent a while perusing a detailed map of the island, to get a sense of the scale and the layout of the place before I visit in September, and then read a book about it.  After that, I played Uno in the gardens with JT and HB which was a lot of fun.

Tonight is composed of a formal at Homerton, with TI (who I shall be meeting in an hour at the bus stop to get the Uni 4 there), along with native Homertonians SP (big shout out to you SP as I know you follow this blog) and JA, thereby making the group sometimes known as Team Dalradian (after the banter filled summer of mapping we shared). It looks like it’ll be enormous fun, and I’m looking forward to it greatly!