My Travel Bucket List

Ok, I have to admit that this is a duplicate of the list I filed on the post entitled “The World’s Your Oyster“, but I’m putting it here as a page for two reasons.  First, it’s easier to access and update, and second, I can put it on the sidebar menu thing more easily.

Anyway, the list is:

1. Bhutan

2. Iceland

3. The Inner and Outer Hebrides, United Kingdom

4. The Orkney and Shetland Islands, United Kingdom

5. La Réunion, France (Département D’outre Mer)

6. South East Asia (Thailand; Laos; Cambodia; and Vietnam)

7. The Channel Islands (British Crown Dependencies)

8. China (inland areas); Mongolia

9. San Marino – Visited July 2015

10. Pacific Islands (including Nauru/Tuvalu/etc.; Hawaii, and the Aleutian Islands, United States)

11. New Zealand

12. New Caledonia, France

13. Western United States and Canada

14. Hadrian’s Wall Path (walking its length, coast to coast), United Kingdom

15. Various Greek islands (including Santorini), Greece; Cyprus

16. Slovenia; FYRO Macedonia; and the other Balkan states.

17. Lithuania and Latvia, northern Scandinavia (Gulf of Bothnia region, including the Åland Islands)

18. The Falkland Islands (British Overseas Territory); Tierra Del Fuego, Chile/Argentina

19. Anglesey, United Kingdom

20. The Isle of Man (British Crown Dependency)

21. Istanbul, Turkey

22. Morocco

23. Yellowknife, Canada

24. Yosemite National Park, United States

25. The Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom

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